Things to do with Cortana


Most people think that Cortana is just a tool to help you search the web for information, or your computer for files. Microsoft market Cortana as your personal digital assistant, and there are a whole host of useful things that you can do with Cortana, and here are some of our favourites. Launch Programs If […]

Change Your Name In Cortana

Once you have Cortana up and running, one of the customisations you can make is to change the name by which is refers to you. By default when using Cortana it won’t refer to you by name, but with just a few clicks you can give it a name by which to call you. For […]

Cortana – Our guide.


Overview Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant originally developed by Microsoft for Windows 8.1, but now available for a number of platforms such as Windows 10 desktop, Windows 10 mobile, Xbox One, and even iOS and Android. Cortana is currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese editions. The Cortana name is […]

Restore Internet Explorer in Windows 10


One of the first things users of Windows 10 notice is that there is no Internet Explorer in Windows 10, it has instead been replaced by a new, cleaner, and faster browser called Edge.  Whilst Edge has many advantages over Internet Explorer, there are almost certainly going to be times when you may need to […]

Change The Folder Icon In Windows 10


The overall appearance of Windows hasn’t changed too much since the days of Windows XP, but there are many different ways to customise your installation to make it unique to you, and one of these is to change the folder icon for selected folders to something unique rather than the standard yellow folder that we […]

Windows 10 – Finding Build Number

Find Windows 10 Build Number

Every version of Windows from the original version back in the 1990’s right up uintil the ;atest version of Windows 10 has its own ‘build’ number to distinguish it from other version of Windows, as well as minor upgrades within the same version of Windows. For most people the build number isn’t really something they […]