Windows 10 – Finding Build Number

Find Windows 10 Build Number

Every version of Windows from the original version back in the 1990’s right up uintil the ;atest version of Windows 10 has its own ‘build’ number to distinguish it from other version of Windows, as well as minor upgrades within the same version of Windows. For most people the build number isn’t really something they […]

Save Windows 10 Lock Screen Pictures


If you’re a Widows 10 user then you can’t fail to have been impressed by the gorgeous pictures that are displayed in your lock screen, and are rotated at regular intervals., and if you’re anthing like us then you will have looked at a few of them and thought that you might want to use […]

Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts


Microsoft Edge is a new browser that is shipping as standard with Windows 10, and whilst as the time of writing it’s still missing a few features available in its venerable cousin Internet Explorer, many people do like it’s cleaner interface and improved rendering capabilities, so it’s popularity is only going to increase. As with […]

Switching Off Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense


What is Wi-Fi Sense? Wi-Fi Sense is a new feature in Windows 10 that is designed to allow your friends to easily use your home network by removing the need for them to enter a Wi-Fi password. It does this by looking at your contacts list and gives everyone on the list permission to automatically […]

Shortcut Keys for Windows 10 Apps


Windows 10 includes a whole host of ‘Apps’ that come pre-installed as part of the Operating System. As with almost any Windowed style interface the key to getting the most out of it is to learn some useful keyboard shortcuts. Below is a list of thw Windows 10 shortcut keys for the most commonly used […]

Windows 10 Start Menu Tweaks


The re-introduction of the Windows 10 Start Menu was one of the most welcomed improvements from Windows 8.- but it is no longer the Start Menu of Windows 7, it is more like a hybrid between the Windows 8 tile screen and the more classic Start Menu. Some like it, some hate it. No matter […]

Speed Up Windows 10 Boot Time


One of the first things that many P.C. users notice with their Windows 10 installation is how quickly it boots up to the desktop compared to their old Operating System, however once you have been using Windows 10 for some time you may notice that there is an increase in the boot time, fortunately with […]

Windows 10 Shortcut Keys


As with all previous vwersions of Windows, Windows 10 has shortcut keys that can help a user get around the operating system, and can even make navigating and using the O.S. quicker and easier, leading to increased productivity. Many of the shortcut keys from Windows 7 or 8 wil still work with Windows 10, so […]