Delete Excel Worksheet

Delete Excel Worksheet

Sometimes when you are developing an Excel application you will have one or more Worksheets that you no longer need you will want to delete them. This is very easy to do: Right click on the name tab for the Worksheet you want to delete to reveal the context menu. Select ‘Delete’ from the menu […]

Disable Windows 7 Automatic Re-start

Blue Screen Of Death

By default Windows 7 is set to automatically re-start if it encounters a critical error rather than display the traditional ‘Blue Screen of Death’ and whilst this is fine if you only experience a critical error occasionally, it can be a bit of a pain if its regular, and you need the diagnostic information shown […]

Hide An Excel Worksheet

If you are developing an Excel Workbook application which you will be sharing with other people, there may be times where you need to hide an Excel Worksheet. A typical example would be an application where there is some reference data in a sheet that is used by the main sheets in your application. You […]

Copying An Excel 2013 Worksheet


When you are creating a multi-sheet Excel 2013 workbook, there are often occasions where you need to make a copy of one of the Worksheets contained within the Workbook. E.g. maybe you are creating a Workbook where you have information for different people stored in individual Worksheets, but the layout of each sheet is basically […]

Changing Windows 8.1 Start Button

One of the major problems Microsoft encountered with Windows 8 was the drastic change in user interface from previous versions of Windows, and caused the biggest controversy amongst Windows users since Windows Vista was launched. With the release of the free update to Windows 8.1 for all users, Microsoft has tried to reverse some of […]

Excel 2013 – Adding A New Worksheet

When you start a new Microsoft Excel workbook, it will come with three new blank worksheets as a default. If you are creating a large or complicated Workbook then three Worksheets may not be enough to house all your data and calculations, fortunately the process of adding a worksheet is actually much easier than most […]

Using Rkill To Disable Malware

Using Rkill

In this part of our malware removal series we will go through the steps in using Rkill to disable any malware processes that are running, and may prevent an effective malware removal scan from taking place. Things to note before using Rkill Rkill is a small program with one purpose, and one purpose only – […]

Excel 2013 – Saving Workbooks

Excel 2013 Save Dialog Box

Saving Workbooks is one of the fundamentals that every Microsoft Excel user needs to know. Once you have created some data in your workbook or worksheet you will almost certainly want to save it for future reference, or to come back to it at a later date to make additions / alterations. 1. Once you […]

Using TDSSKiller To Remove Rootkits

TDSSKiller Start Screen

If you think you have a virus or malware infection, and you are having trouble identifying and removing it then you may have been infected with a ‘Rootkit’. A Rootkit is a very nasty kind of virus that uses some very devious cloaking techniques to hide itself from both the Operating System, and ‘normal’ malware […]