Backup Windows 8 Product Key


If you have bought a new PC in the last couple of years with Windows 8 pre-installed and are looking to take advantage of Microsoft’s offer to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, we strongly recommend you back everything up before upgrading your O.S. One of the things that many people will forget to back up is […]

How To Download YouTube videos


YouTube is a great source of video for information and entertainment, but one thing that frustrates many people is that there is no in-built ability to download YouTube videos for viewing at a later date, this means that you will always need an internet connection to view your videos, and it’s not possible to build […]

Show Desktop on Start-Up in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Show Desktop

One of the most vilified features of Windows 8 was its boot up in to the Modern Interface (tiles screen) when a device was switched on. With Windows 8.1 Microsoft put in a feature that allowed laptop and desktop users to have their machines boot show desktop when logging on – this made Windows 8 […]

Disable Windows Superfetch


Windows 8 has a feature called Superfetch which is designed to help speed up your system and keep it responsive by making better use of your computers memory Windows Superfetch prioritises the programs you currently have running rather than background tasks, and also adapts to the way you work by monitoring the programs you use […]

Windows 8 Shutdown options

Windows 8 Shutdown Options

In Windows 8 Microsoft have tinkered with the Shutdown options and done away with some of the lesser used ones, and made those that are left more difficult to use. Shutdown options can be accessed from a number of places: From the Settings option on the Charms Bar By right clicking the Start Button and […]

Windows 10 Upgrade Options

Windows 10 Upgrade Logo

On the 29th July 2015 Microsoft will (or did, depending on when you read this) release Windows 10 to the public. In a radical departure for Microsoft they are offering all users of qualifying versions of Windows a free upgrade to  so long as you do the Windows 10 upgrade before 28th July 2016. Note […]