Windows 10 Settings App – An Overview

For those moving to Windows 10 from an older Operating System you may look for the Control Panel to makes changes and customisations but this has now moved to a new place called ‘The Settings App’. The Settings App is invoked in one of three main ways: Open the Windows menu by clicking the ‘Windows […]

Windows 10 – Connect To Wireless Network

Nearly everyone these days connects their computer (laptop or desktop) to the internet via a wireless network, especially in the home. Connecting to a wireless network is easy when you know how, but isn’t that obvious for those connecting for the first time. This rather short tutorial will show you how. Firstly make sure that your […]

Windows 10 Aero Snap – Turn on and off

Aero Snap was a feature first introduced in Windows Vista, and has been refined in subsequent Windows versions. Aero Snap feature is one that many users will like as it will allow them to organise multiple Windows on screen very easily. However, as with most features, not everyone will like it. Fortunately it’s quite easy […]