Excel 2013 – Entering Data

Now that we know how to get around an Excel Spreadsheet,and what the basic layout looks like, its time to start looking at how to enter data. Each Excel Worskheet can have upto 16384 columns and 1048576 rows and each of the cells this creates can have 32000 characters in it (For an explanation on […]



Excel Rows and Columns Explained

Now that you are able to Open, Close, and manipulate your Excel workbooks and Worksheets, it’s time to have a look at how a worksheet is constructed. Each Excel Worksheet is divided into a number of rows and columns, and the intersection of each row and column is known as a cell. In Excel 2013 […]

Computer Glossary – Tech Terms De-Mystified

If you’re confused by all the Technical Terms, TLA’s, Technobabble, and other gobbledegook that surrounds computing you’re not alone, we have published this Computer Glossary to try and explain and de-mystify it all for you. As always, if there’s a phrase or word you don’t understand, let us know and we’ll add it to our […]



Set Recycle Bin To Permanently Delete

When you delete a file from your PC in Microsoft Windows it isn’t usually really deleted, merely placed in the recycle bin, just in case you suddenly decide you have made a mistake and want to get the file back. While this is quite convenient, it can also be a security threat, as anyone with […]

Opening & Closing Excel Workbooks

Unless you are content with losing all your work every time you have finished with your Microsoft Excel Workbook you will need to know how to both save your workbook, and open it back up again at some point in the future. Closing An Excel Workbook There are two basic ways to close your Workbook: […]


Delete Excel Worksheet

Delete Excel Worksheet

Sometimes when you are developing an Excel application you will have one or more Worksheets that you no longer need you will want to delete them. This is very easy to do: Right click on the name tab for the Worksheet you want to delete to reveal the context menu. Select ‘Delete’ from the menu […]

Disable Windows 7 Automatic Re-start

By default Windows 7 is set to automatically re-start if it encounters a critical error rather than display the traditional ‘Blue Screen of Death’ and whilst this is fine if you only experience a critical error occasionally, it can be a bit of a pain if its regular, and you need the diagnostic information shown […]

Blue Screen Of Death

Unhide Excel Worksheet Dialog Box

Hide An Excel Worksheet

If you are developing an Excel Workbook application which you will be sharing with other people, there may be times where you need to hide an Excel Worksheet. A typical example would be an application where there is some reference data in a sheet that is used by the main sheets in your application. You […]