Ad-blockers have become increasing popular over the last few years which has caused many publishers to worry about revenues from their sites.

People use Ad-Blockers for a number of reasons, but the two most common are:

  1. To remove distracting ads from websites they want to visit.
  2. To help protect from malicious ads that exploit security holes to install malware, so called Malvertising.
At Chimpytech we use ads to bring in revenue that  helps to keep the site running, and pay for things such as domain names, web hosting, bandwidth costs etc.
There is a school of thought that says those people who use an ad blocker to read free (ad supported) content are effectively stealing the content they are consuming, as the publisher isn’t being paid for the work put in to the content. We think the use of the word stealing is probably a little harsh, but we do sympathise with the sentiment.
There are already technologies available for publishers to use that can detect the use of an ad blocker, and refuse to display content until the ad blocker is turned off.

Content is also likely to disappear behind pay walls in many cases.

Ad-blocking software will hit smaller sites mostly, because they work by blocking content from servers other than the original domain, and many small sites don’t have the clout to approach larger companies directly, so use an intermediate agency to provide the ad content. The big players in web publishing can make deals directly with advertisers, and then host the ads on their own servers meaning they are less likely to be blocked.

As a firm believer in peoples freedom of choice to use an ad blocker, we have decided that Chimpytech¬†will not block content if it detects the use of ad-blockers nor will we put content behind a pay wall. We don’t necessarily agree with your decision to use an ad-blocker, but we defend your right to make that decision.

The only ads we serve are from an ad network called Tradedoubler who are one of the larger and more respected networks, Google, and Amazon, so we believe that Malvertising won’t be a problem our visitors have to worry about, and we have tried to make the ads as in-obtrusive as possible so as not to ruin your experience on our site.

With all this in mind we respectfully request that in order to support us you turn off your ad-blocker when visiting, but if you don’t want to that’s fine too, either way, we hope we were of help and you enjoyed your visit.