Windows 10

In September 2014 Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview for developers and enthusiasts to test and critique. Windows 10 is the eagerly awaited successor to the much maligned Windows 8 / 8.1, and re-introduces the Start Button and provides a whole slew of extra features.

In early 2015 Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be a free upgrade for all Windows 7 & 8 / 8.1 users who chose to upgrade in the first year. Windows 10 was officially launched on 29th July 2015, and users quickly started upgrading to the new Operating System.


Installing Windows 10

Installing Windows 10 TP into a Virtual Machine – The safest way to try out Windows 10 Technical Preview
Windows 10 Upgrade options – Looking to upgrade? This will tell you which version you will get.
Microsoft Account or Local Account – Deciding on the best option for your Windows 10 login.

New Features / Improvements

Aero Snap Improvements – Windows 10 has a new and improved Aero Snap feature and we like it!

Quick Tips

Add the Snipping Tool to the Taskbar – Get to this useful application really easily
Windows 10 Shortcut Keys – How to move around the new OS as efficiently as possible
Windows 10 Apps Shortcut Keys – How to be more productive when using the built in Apps
Save Screenshots To OneDrive – How to automatically save screenshot to your OneDrive
Make an external drive ‘Read Only – How to stop your data from being accidentally lost
Hide files and folders – Keeping your data safe from casual observers

Customisation / Personalisation

The Settings Applet – the new replacement for the ‘Control Panel’
God Mode – Getting all the Windows 10 settings you will ever need in to one place.

Optimisation and Tweaking

The Windows Registry Explained – It runs your system, you need to know what it does.
Switching Off Aero Snap – If Aero Snap annoys you turn it off with this tip.
Reduce Boot Time – Using the Task Manager to speed up Windows 10 boot time.
Windows 10 Start Menu Tweaks – Getting the most from the new and improved Start Menu
Switch Off Wi-Fi Sense – How to stop this controversial feature from sharing your Wi-Fi password
Save Lock Screen Pictures – Save those gorgeous hi-res Lock Screen pictures with SpotBright
Customise Icon Folders – How to give your desktop that personal touch
Restore Internet Explorer in Windows 10 – Getting access to Microsofts classic browser
Location Service – How to turn the Location Service on or off.
Customise the Command Prompt – How to change the Command Prompt windows to your own taste


What is Cortana? – A quick guide to what Cortana can offer you.
What can I do with Cortana? – Ten of our favourite uses for Cortana
Switching Cortana on (and off) – You need to explicitly activate Cortana, here’s how.
Change Your Name In Cortana – Change the name that Cortana uses to call you by.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Network Profile – An explanation of what a wireless network profile is and what is does
Connect To a Wireless Network – How to connect to a wireless network quickly and easily.


What is Microsoft Edge? – A quick guide to the new browser included in Windows 10
Microsoft Edge Shortcut Keys – How to get around this new browser more efficiently
Disable Flash Player – Improve the security of Edge by disabling Flash Player
Deleting Microsoft Edge Browsing Data Manually – How to remove traces of your browsing habits
Delete Edge Browsing Data On Exit РHow to automatically delete Edge data when you exit the browser
Adding or Removing Favourites in Edge – Organising your most visited websites
Save Password Prompt – How to switch this annoying prompt off if you don’t save passwords in Edge
Change Download Location – How to change the default location for Edge downloads
View Browsing History – Seeing where you (or anyone else) has been is easy in Edge

Diagnostic / Troubleshooting

Battery Usage Report – How to keep an eye on the health of your battery
Finding Windows 10 build number – How to get this essential piece of diagnostic information.
Recovering SD Cards & USB Sticks – How to clean and re-partition mis-behaving removable media

Adding Features

Playing DVD’s – The easy way to add free DVD playback to your PC.