Office 2003

Launched, as the name suggests in 2003 as the successor to the vastly popular Microsoft Office XP (Sometimes known as Office 2002).

With the 2003 release of Office, Microsoft took the opportunity to introduce newer file formats to support enhanced features within the program, the interface was also ‘tweaked’ a little, to update it, but other than that there was little difference from Office XP. As such many of the articles will work on both the 2003 and XP versions of Microsoft Office.

As usual, if there’s something we haven’t covered that you want to know about, please E-mail us and we will do our best to create an article for you.

Microsoft Office – Access

This is Microsofts flagship database creation package, it is ofen used as the platform for commercial database development, and many ‘pro’ database programmers have cut their teeth on Access.

Glossary Of Terms – A collection of all the jargon surrounding Microsoft Access
Do’s And Don’ts – Things to consider when creating a new database application
Splitting Your Database – Probably the most important thing to do with your database
Form Design Tips – Some advice to bear in mind when designing your forms
Watermarking Reports – Adding this useful feature to Access
Access Picture Storage – How to correctly handle pictures in your database
ComboBox Queries – How to restrict user input when defining queries
Finding Current Username – This is a handy VBA routine to add security to your project

Microsoft Office – Excel

The de-facto spreadsheet application used by almost every business in the country.

Glossary Of Terms – A complete list of all the Excel jargon you will ever need
Keyboard Shortcuts – How to get around Excel more efficiently
Longer Undo Lists – Want to go back more than the standard 16 steps – Here’s how
Date Handling – Performing calculations and manipulating dates in Excel
Excel Info Function – Displaying system information in a workbook.
Accented Characters – How to easily add foreign characters to your workbook
Cell References Explained – Absolute & Relative cell addressing explained
Cell Naming – Tips to help you navigate your workbook more effectively
Cell Protection – How to stop important cells from being accidentally altered
Creating Graphical Comment Boxes – Using visual prompts in your workbook
Creating A Macro – Getting started with Macros and VBA programming
Editing A Macro – making changes to a previously written / recorded macro
Using Controls – How to activate your macro using buttons etc.
VBA Toolbox – A selection of some of our favourite code snippets.
Finding Current Username – This is a handy VBA routine to add security to your project

Microsoft Office – Outlook

Most people know this as a program for sending and receiving email, but it has so much more to offer such as Calendar, Contacts & To-Do lists.

Email Notification Sound – How to change the sound you hear when new mail arrives
Quick Date Entry – Dispense with the calendar when entering dates
Recall Sent Emails – How to get back emails that you have accidentally sent, sort of.
Clear Emails Stuck In The Outbox – A solution to this common problem
Compacting Your .pst File – Keeping your Outlook database to a manageable size
Backing Up Your Outlook Data – Exactly what it says
Accessing Blocked Attachments – Getting hold of the files Outlook won’t let you have
Create A New Email Account – How to set-up a new email account in your profile
Creating An Email Template – Automate repetitive email writing
Moving Your Outlook Data – How to relocate your data to a new location

Microsoft Office – PowerPoint

Keyboard Shortcuts – Get around PowerPoint quickly and easily with these tips
Glossary Of Terms – All that PowerPoint specific jargon explained
Slide Masters – How to keep a consistent look for your presentation
The Melting Pot – A collection of small tips that don’t need their own page

Microsoft Office – Word

Changing Default Settings – Get Word to remember your default preferences
Displaying All Fonts – A quick way to check all the installed fonts on your PC
The Melting Pot – A collection of small tips that have no other home
Booklet Printing – Master this handy little technique to produce nice booklets
Glossary Of Terms – All the Word jargon you will ever need
Word Shortcut Keys – All the help you need for navigating Word efficiently
Spell Checking Your Document – Keeping those errors out of your masterpiece