Office 2007 / 2010

Launched, as their names suggest in 2007 & 2010, Microsoft Office 2007 was the most radical overhaul the Office suite had had in years.

Gone were the familiar menus, drop downs and dialogs that had been the mainstay of the office interface for many years, now replaced with the ‘Ribbon’ which was something you either loved or hated (we loved it!). The introduction of the Ribbon overshadowed many other additions, such as improved and extended functionality, live previews, open file formats and the ability to directly save documents as PDF files (with a free add-on from Microsoft)

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Microsoft Office – General

File Formats – An explanation of the new Office file formats.
The Ribbon – A guide to the new user interface introduced for 2007.
Removing Metadata – Getting rid of any personal information from your documents

Microsoft Office – Excel

Getting Started – Finding your way around the Excel interface.
Backstage View – Your guide to this new feature added in Excel 2010
Entering Text – How to select a cell for text entry.
Moving Around Your Worksheet – Tips for easy document navigation.
Adding A Background – How to spice up your spreadsheets.

Microsoft Office – Outlook

Importing Your Data – How to get data from another program into Outlook.
Create an Email Template – How to cut down on a lot of repetitive typing
Requesting Read Receipts – How to tell if the recipient has read your email

Microsoft Office – Word

Creating A New Blank Document – Three methods for creating a document.
Saving Documents – Making sure you don’t lose your masterpieces.
Setting Up The Autorecover Feature – Setting your documents to auto-save.
Recovering Auto-Saved Documents – Getting your work back when disaster strikes
Opening An Existing Document – Getting your documents back for editing.
Selecting Document Text – Various ways to select text for editing.
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting text – Moving text around in your document
Search And Replace – The easy way to find and correct document text.
Watermarking – Adding background text or pictures to your documents.
Full Screen Reading Mode – Proof reading the easy way.
Document Zooming – Seeing more or less detail in your documents.
Keyboard Shortcuts – Tips for efficient document navigation.
Switching Off ScreenTips – How to switch off those annoying ScreenTips.
Document Compatibility – Viewing your documents on old versions of Word.
Live Preview – How to preview document changes without committing to them.
Creating Bulleted Lists – How to simply give your lists that professional feel.
Customising Bulleted Lists – Making your list stand out from the norm.
Numbered Lists – How to easily create a list of things in a certain order.
Customising Numbered Lists – Using other formats than just the standard 1,2,3.
Continuing Numbered Lists – How to insert objects into your list and keep numbering.
Sorting Lists – Typed your list in the wrong order? Sorting it alphabetically is easy.
Controlling Automatic Numbering – How to switch automatic numbering on and off.