Switch Off Word 2010 ScreenTips

After using Microsoft Word for a short while you will notice that most clickable buttons and actions have a small ‘tool ‘tip’ or bubble that is displayed when the mouse cursor is hovered over the button, this ScreenTip will tell you what the button is called, and in msost cases how to use the button.
This is quite useful when you’re starting to learn how to use Word, but can after a while become quite annoying – fortunately Microsoft have provided an easy solution to change what you see – you can set the ScreenTips to one of three states

  1. Leave full ScreenTips on.
  2. Display only the name of the button / action.
  3. Turn off ScreenTips entirely.

Changing the behaviour of ScreenTips is quite simple.

  • Open the ‘File’ tab.
  • Click ‘Options’
  • Change the setting in the ‘ScreenTip style’ dropdown menu to your desired action.

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