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How To Download YouTube videos

YouTube is a great source of video for information and entertainment, but one thing that frustrates many people is that there is no in-built ability to download YouTube videos for viewing at a later date, this means that you will always need an internet connection to view your videos, and it’s not possible to build […]

Graphic Formats Explained

Graphic Formats Explained

When using graphics, photos, images, clip art etc for use use in things such as web pages, documents, printing, and presentations it is important that you use the correct format for the required task. Using the wrong graphic format could result in a web page that takes far too long to load, or a printed […]

Computer Glossary – Tech Terms De-Mystified

If you’re confused by all the Technical Terms, TLA’s, Technobabble, and other gobbledegook that surrounds computing you’re not alone, we have published this Computer Glossary to try and explain and de-mystify it all for you. As always, if there’s a phrase or word you don’t understand, let us know and we’ll add it to our […]

Using The Kaspersky Rescue Disk

If you have become infected with any kind of computer malware the best way to clean the infection is to use an ‘offline’ Scanner and removal tool rather than one running though the operating system itself. What is offline scanning, and why is it better? Offline scanning is a term used to describe the process […]

Stop Your ISP Slowing You Down

If you are on a capped broadband tariff there are two things that may slow you down when using the Internet. Exceeding your broadband allowance In days gone by if you had a broadband contract that had caps on the amount of data you could download, and you exceeded that allowance during the month, the […]

CryptoLocker – A Laymans Guide


What Is CryptoLocker? CryptoLocker is a one of a new breed of malware known as ransomware, that once it has infected a users computer restricts access in some way, and demands a ransom to restore access. How serious is the infection? In a word, VERY! Once you have become infected with CryptoLocker the only way […]

Reduce Wi-Fi Interference

If the broadband speeds for the computer directly connected to the internet are of an acceptable level, but there are still problems with the WiFi enabled devices it could be that there is a significant level of network interference from other wireless devices. It’s a sad fact that the part of the radio spectrum licensed […]

Use An Alternative DNS Service

Using an alternative DNS service is one of the easy things you can do to increase your internet browsing speed, and provide other security features. This article is part of our larger series on improving your internet speed – click here to see more articles in the series One of the principal building blocks of […]