How To Download YouTube videos

YouTube is a great source of video for information and entertainment, but one thing that frustrates many people is that there is no in-built ability to download YouTube videos for viewing at a later date, this means that you will always need an internet connection to view your videos, and it’s not possible to build a collection of videos to watch at times when you can’t get a connection such as on the train, or abroad on holiday etc.

There are many browser toolbars or plugins that offer the user the chance to download YouTube video, but we generally recommend that people steer clear of those because they can often also install additional adware or malware.

There is now a web based service called that will allow you to download YouTube videos straight to your desktop, tablet etc without the need to install anything.

  1. Go to YouTube and start watching the video you want to download.
  2. In your browser highlight and copy the URL of the video from the address bar.Download_Youtube
  3. Go to, and paste the URL from step 2 in to the box on the page.Download_Youtube2
  4. Hit the blue ‘arrow’ icon and your browser will open it’s ‘Save dialog’ – select your save location and wait for your video to be downloaded.

Note – Google can be very good at closing loopholes in the services that allow people to bypass the terms of service, so this trick / website is not guaranteed to work for ever, but was certainly operational at the time of writing.