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Using Rkill To Disable Malware

Using Rkill

In this part of our malware removal series we will go through the steps in using Rkill to disable any malware processes that are running, and may prevent an effective malware removal scan from taking place. Things to note before using Rkill Rkill is a small program with one purpose, and one purpose only – […]

Using TDSSKiller To Remove Rootkits

TDSSKiller Start Screen

If you think you have a virus or malware infection, and you are having trouble identifying and removing it then you may have been infected with a ‘Rootkit’. A Rootkit is a very nasty kind of virus that uses some very devious cloaking techniques to hide itself from both the Operating System, and ‘normal’ malware […]

Using The Kaspersky Rescue Disk

If you have become infected with any kind of computer malware the best way to clean the infection is to use an ‘offline’ Scanner and removal tool rather than one running though the operating system itself. What is offline scanning, and why is it better? Offline scanning is a term used to describe the process […]

Stay secure when using Wi-Fi Hotspots

The explosion in Public Access Wi-Fi hotspots over the last fifteen years has made it easy for those with Laptops, smartphones, and PDA’s to stay permanently connected to the internet with relative ease and at minimal cost compared to using a mobile cellular data plan. However, many people are using these hotspots for transactions and […]

Cracking WPA With Reaver

Result Of Reaver Cracking WPA / WPS Keys

WARNING – Cracking WPA keys could get you into serious trouble! Only attempt this procedure on a network that you own, or have the network owners permission to try this on. cannot be held responsible for any illegal activity you may undertake in using these instructions. Wi-Fi Security Many people are under the mistaken […]