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Things to do with Cortana


Most people think that Cortana is just a tool to help you search the web for information, or your computer for files. Microsoft market Cortana as your personal digital assistant, and there are a whole host of useful things that you can do with Cortana, and here are some of our favourites. Launch Programs If […]

Excel 2013 – Find & Replace

Microsoft Excel 2013 has a very handy ‘Find & Replace’ function that is useful for both locating certain text strings within your worksheet, and optionally, replacing those strings with different strings if you need to. This functionality can be very useful if you are working on a large spreadsheet with many rows or columns. To […]

Stop Your ISP Slowing You Down

If you are on a capped broadband tariff there are two things that may slow you down when using the Internet. Exceeding your broadband allowance In days gone by if you had a broadband contract that had caps on the amount of data you could download, and you exceeded that allowance during the month, the […]