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Bypass Office 2013 Start Screen

One of the features added to Microsoft Office 2013 applications is the Start Screen – this is a screen that displays the last few files opened, as well as a selection of pre-defined template to use. Many users find this annoying as all they want to do is load up the Office Application into a […]

Excel 2013 – Zoom Worksheets

By default Excel 2013 worksheets are displayed at 100% of their normal size, but there are times when it is useful to zoom either in and show less on the screen, but make it larger, or if you have a large worksheet you can zoom out to see more of the Worksheet. The easiest way […]

Excel 2013 – Spell Checking

Microsoft Excel Spell Checking

There is nothing that will make a well structured and smart looking Workbook look bad like poor spelling. Fortunately, just like it’s cousin ‘Word’, Microsoft Excel includes a comprehensive and expandable spell checking tool to help you take all the hassle out of checking your Workbooks. To access the spell checking tool you can do […]

Excel 2013 – Find & Replace

Microsoft Excel 2013 has a very handy ‘Find & Replace’ function that is useful for both locating certain text strings within your worksheet, and optionally, replacing those strings with different strings if you need to. This functionality can be very useful if you are working on a large spreadsheet with many rows or columns. To […]

Excel Formulas Explained


Excel formulas and calculations are the basic building blocks of any Excel Workbook, and without these things any Excel workbook or worksheet is just a collection of static tabulated data that could be created in any word processor package. A formula at its most basic basic level is a sequence of commands that that when […]

Excel 2013 – Deleting & Moving Data

There are many times when you will need to either delete data or move it to a new location within the current Worksheet or Workbook. Before you read through this we recommend that you first read our tutorial on Selecting Data as this will make deleting the data a whole lot easier. One you have […]

Excel 2013 – Selecting Data

Once you have some data in your spreadsheet you will need to know how to select it before you can do anything useful with it such as formatting, deleting, copying, moving etc. As with all things to do with Excel, there is more than one way to select your data, and which option you choose […]