Category: Office 2003

Easy Booklet Printing

Creating a nice looking booklet in Microsoft Word is actually much easier than people realise, but there are a few caveats that people need to be aware of before starting. Follow the simple guidelines below and you will have no trouble in producing a booklet that appears to have been professionally laid out.   A […]

Customising Word Default Settings

When you create a new document in Word, the program loads a blank template called ‘’ which contains all of the settings such as margin sizes, fonts etc for the document to use. It is highly likely that the settings in the template supplied by Microsoft are not suitable for your purposes so you will […]

Assorted Small Tips For Word 2003

A whole host of useful tips for Microsoft Word that don’t fit anywhere else!   Customising AutoText AutoText can be customised to insert any word or phrase that you frequently type. Type the word or phrase you want into any document and highlight it with the cursor. Next select the Insert menu, select AutoText and […]