Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a selection of some of the most often used Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts, along with a few you may have never used before, or even know existed! If you have any others that you would like to add, then please E-mail your tip to us, and we will include it with a credit to your name.

Note – in these shortcuts there are often references to certain keys, theses are shown within the [ ] symbols. e.g. if you see [Home] this means press the ‘Home’ key, where a combination is required the + symbol is used e.g. [ctrl] + [Home] means press the ‘ctrl’ key and ‘Home’ key together.


Function Keys

F1 – Start help / office assistant.Microsoft Word – Keyboard Shortcuts
F2 – Move selected object.
F3 – Insert an auto text entry.
F4 – Repeat the last action.
F5 – Find / replace formatting.
F6 – Goto next pane or frame.
F7 – Activate spellchecker.
F8 – Extend a selection.
F9 – Update selected fields.
F10 – Activate the menu bar.
F11 – Go to the next field.
F12 – Display the ‘Save as’ dialog.



Alt Keys

[alt]+[ctrl]+C – Insert a copyright symbol.
[alt]+[ctrl]+D – Insert an endnote
[alt]+[ctrl]+F – Insert a footnote
[alt]+[ctrl]+I – Switch in to /out of print preview.
[alt]+[ctrl]+K – Start autoformat.
[alt]+[ctrl]+M – Insert a comment.
[alt]+[ctrl]+N – Switch to normal view.
[alt]+[ctrl]+O – Switch to outline view
[alt]+[ctrl]+P – Switch to print layout view.
[alt]+[ctrl]+R – Insert trademark symbol.
[alt]+[ctrl]+S – Split the document window.
[alt]+[ctrl]+Y – Repeat Find
[alt]+[ctrl]+. – Insert an ellipsis.
[alt]+1 – Goto previous folder.
[alt]+4 – Delete the selected file or folder.
[alt]+5 – Create a new folder.
[alt]+6 – Change file selector views.
[alt]+7 – Display the tools menu.
[alt]+F4 – Quit Word.
[alt]+F5 – Restore window size.
[alt]+F8 – Open Macros dialog.



Shift Keys

[shift]+F2 – Copy text.
[shift]+F3 – Change the case of selected text.
[shift]+F4 – Repeat a find action.
[shift]+F5 – Move to the last change.
[shift]+F6 – Goto previous pane or frame.
[shift]+F7 – Activate thesaurus.
[shift]+F10 – Activate shortcut menu.
[shift]+F12 – Save command.
[shift]+[Home] – Move to beginning of line.
[shift]+[Down Arrow] – Move down one line.
[shift]+[Up Arrow] – Move up one line.
[shift]+[End] – Select remainder of paragraph.
[shift]+[Enter] – Insert a line break.
[shift]+[Left Arrow] – Select a character to the left.
[shift]+[Right Arrow] – Select a character to the right.
[shift]+[Page Down] – Move down one screen.
[shift]+[Page Up] – Move up one screen.



Ctrl Keys

[ctrl]+A – Format all text as capitals.
[ctrl]+B – Format all text as bold.
[ctrl]+C – Copy selected text (or object).
[ctrl]+C (Pressed twice) – Display clipboard.
[ctrl]+D – Execute the Font command from the Format Menu.
[ctrl]+E – Center current paragraph.
[ctrl]+F – Find text, formatting, and special items.
[ctrl]+G – Goto next bookmark, footnote, or comment.
[ctrl]+H – Open find / replace dialog.
[ctrl]+I – Apply italic formatting.
[ctrl]+J – Justify current paragraph.
[ctrl]+K – Insert a hyperlink.
[ctrl]+L – Left align current paragraph.
[ctrl]+M – Remove left indent from paragraph.
[ctrl]+N – Create a new document.
[ctrl]+O – Open a document.
[ctrl]+P – Open print dialog.
[ctrl]+Q – Remove paragraph formatting.
[ctrl]+R – Right align a paragraph.
[ctrl]+S – Save a document.
[ctrl]+T – Create a hanging indent.
[ctrl]+U – Underline selected text.
[ctrl]+V – Paste text or object from clipboard.
[ctrl]+W – Close document.
[ctrl]+X – Cut selected text or object.
[ctrl]+Y – Redo the last action.
[ctrl]+Z – Undo the last action.
[ctrl]+[ – Decrease font size.
[ctrl]+] – Increase font size.
[ctrl]+2 – Double space lines.
[ctrl]+[Backspace] – Delete the word on left of the cursor.
[ctrl]+[Delete] – Delete the word to the right of the cursor.
[ctrl]+[Down Arrow] – Move one paragraph down.
[ctrl]+[End] – Move to the end of the document.
[ctrl]+[Enter] – Insert a page break.
[ctrl]+[Home] – Move to the beginning of the document.
[ctrl]+[Left Arrow] – Move to the start of the word.
[ctrl]+[Shift]+N – Remove formatting from selected text.
[ctrl]+[Shift]+P – Change the font size.
[ctrl]+[Shift]+* – Display non-printing characters.
[ctrl]+[Right Arrow] – Move to the end of the word.
[ctrl]+[Tab]- Insert a Tab character.
[ctrl]+[Up Arrow] – Move up one paragraph.
[ctrl]+F2 – Print preview.
[ctrl]+F3 – Paste contents of the spike.
[ctrl]+F4 – Close the window.
[ctrl]+F5 – Restore window size.
[ctrl]+F6 – Cycle between open windows.
[ctrl]+F7 – Update links.
[ctrl]+F8 – Size window using keyboard.
[ctrl]+F9 – Unlink a field.
[ctrl]+F10 – Maximise or restore a selected window.
[ctrl]+F12 – Display ‘Open’ dialog box.