One of the biggest challenges facing computer users of all levels is that of security.
Whether it’s the threat of viruses or spyware infections, data loss due to equipment loss or theft, through to privacy concerns bought about by the new age of always connected super powerful smartphones the whole subject is a minefield just waiting to catch out the unwary.
In this section of the website we will do our best to keep you up to date with best security practices and offer some useful ways to keep the bad guys at bay.

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CryptoLocker – Our laymans guide to this nasty piece of malware.
Stop iPhone Geo-data from being stolen – Keeping your private data private.
Disable Java in Your Browser – Lock down your browser and increase security.
Password Manager – Why you need to use one now.
Use Strong Passwords – Tips for creating strong passwords.
Multi-Factor Authentication – Various methods for improving online security.
Increase PayPal Security – How to add two factor authentication to your account.
Delete Flash Cookies – Read this if you’re worried about your privacy online.
TrueCrypt Tutorial – How to keep sensitive data safe easily and at no cost.
Disable Javascript in Firefox 23 – Firefox 23 turns it on by default turn it off here.
Cracking WPA – Is your Wi-Fi network as secure as it could be?

Anti-Virus / Malware Advice

Using the Kaspersky Rescue Disk – How to use this useful tool to help clean an infected P.C.
Using TDSSKiller – Rootkits can be hard to detect, this utility from Kaspersky should help.
Using Rkill – Stop malware processes from running before you do any form of security scan.