Disable Javascript In Firefox Version 23

The Mozilla organisation have just updated their Firefox browser to version 23 and one of the most controversial changes is the enabling of Javascript.

In earlier versions of Firefox, Javascript can be easily disabled by selecting the appropriate option in the ‘Tools’ -> ‘Options’ menu

With version 23 Firefox not only now enables Javascript by default,  but removes the easily found option to turn it off.

The thinking behind this from the Mozilla foundation is that Javascript is now so ubiquitous on the web that to not have it enabled essentially breaks the web. However the security conscious may still want to disable Javascript.

In version 23 the ‘Tools’ -> ‘Options’ menu no longer has an option to disable Javascript. Of course all is not lost the option is still there, just in a different place. To toggle Javascript on / off you will need to:

  • In the browser type about:config in to the address bar and press enter.
  • Scroll down to the option javascript.enabled.
  • Double click the option to change its status
  • Close the config tab when you have finished

Another slightly less clunky method would be to install an add-on such as No-Script, that will allow you to change the Javascript setting on the fly, and also specify trusted sites that can be left on permanently.