General Computing Articles

Listed below are a whole host of articles that are general computer related articles that don’t fit into other headings. There’s bound to be something there of interest to you so have browse through.

Computer Glossary – Computing terms and abbreviations explained
Checking your broadband speed – How to keep an eye on your broadband speed
Extend the life of your laptop battery – How to get the most from your battery
Backup Strategies – Ideas for keeping your data safe
Amazon Discounts – Tips for digging out those really good discounts
TrueCrypt Tutorial – How to keep sensitive data safe, easily and at no cost.
Internet Explorer Shortcuts – Making the most of Internet Explorer.
Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts – Navigate this browser without the mouse.
Kindle Tips – Our ten favorite tips for getting more from your Amazon Kindle
Graphic Formats Explained – confused by .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF? Let us explain them.
Download YouTube videos – Use this little trick to keep copies of your favourite YouTube videos