Finding The Best Discounts on Amazon

Everyone likes a good deal, and online retailer Amazon is well known for providing some great discounts on Books, DVD’s, Music, and a whole host of other things sold both by themselves, and by independent seller through their Amazon Marketplace.

Here’s a nice little tip to help you find the best discounts in any category you like, using this technique, we’ve managed to unearth some great bargains on all sorts of products:

  1. First use Amazon’s built in menu, to browse to the section you want – in this case we will look for Blu-Ray Discs.
  2. Look in the address bar in your browser for the page URL of the Blu-Ray section, and make a note of the number immediately after the “node=” statement. (For Blu-Ray it is 293962011)
  3. Type or copy and paste the following URL into your browsers address bar: replacing the XXXXXX with the number you made a note of at step 2.
  4. The page that you see loaded will contain all the items in your specified category that have between 80% and 99% discount, if there’s too much choice, or not enough simply adjust the last two figures to tweak the discount range accordingly.


If you like the sound of getting all this discount, why not use the Amazon search box below and start picking up those bargains!