Office 2013

Launched in January 2013, Office 2013 is an update to the hugely popular Office 2007 / 2010 series of programs.

It introduced a new cleaner interface, and also was the first version to come with full support for Office 365.

As usual, we have created a bunch of tips, tricks, and tutorials below to help you get the most out of Microsoft Office 2013.



Removing Metadata – Getting rid of any personal information from your documents.
Setting up AutoSave – Making sure you never accidentally lose a document again.
Bypassing the Start Screen – How to get round this annoying new ‘feature’

Excel 2013

Worksheet Basics

Getting Started – Our guide to the important interface features of Excel 2013
Backstage View – Your guide to the new look ‘File’ menu in Excel 2013
Entering Text – How to select a cell for text entry.
Moving Around Your Worksheet – Tips for easier spreadsheet navigation
Saving Your Workbook – Making sure you don’t lose all your hard work.
Creating a New Worksheet – Need more than three Worksheets? Add them easily when you need them.
Copying Excel Worksheets – How to easily duplicate content in your Excel workbook.
Hiding / Unhiding Excel Worksheets – How to hide data away from prying eyes in your Workbook.
Deleting Worksheets – How to remove Worksheets you no longer need
Opening & Closing Workbooks – How to close your Workbook and open a stored Workbook.
Rows and Columns Explained – The basic building blocks of an Excel Worksheet explained.
Entering Data – Getting information in to your Worksheet.
Selecting Data – The different ways you can select your data
Moving & Deleting Data – A quick guide to the copy and paste functionality in Excel
Formulas – These are the building blocks of any spreadsheet so you need to know how to use them
Find and Replace – A quick guide to this incredibly useful feature
Spell Checking – How to keep simple errors out of your Workbook
Functions – How to insert pre-written functions in to your Worksheet