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Excel 2010 – Entering Text

Now that you know your way around Excel 2010 its time to start entering data and doing something useful. When you start up Microsoft Excel you will see a blank Worksheet like the one below. To enter text in one of the boxes (known as cells) simply select it once by clicking on it, and […]

Excel 2010 – Backstage View

Backstage View is new for Microsoft Excel 2010, and is now the new home for all those peripheral Spreadsheet tasks such as printing, saving, and exporting. It is also the new home for the catch all ‘Options’ page. To get into Backstage View, simply click on the ‘File’ tab to be presented with one of […]

Excel 2010 – Getting Started


When you start up Microsoft Excel 2010 for the first time you will see a screen similar to the one below. Before we start the tutorials in earnest we should look at all the main areas of the screen and how they interact with each other. Title Bar This area of the screen shows the […]

Controlling Automatic Numbering

Numbered lists don’t actually have to be started specifically, Word has the ability to start numbering automatically if you just type 1. and hit enter. Your list will now be created in the usual manner until you cancel it. (To create an automatic bulleted list, start the first line with an asterisk) To make sure […]

Sorting Lists Alphabetically

Sometimes it can be useful to have your list in alphabetical order – maybe you have a list of names, places, etc. but you haven’t entered them in alphabetical order. No problem, Microsoft have thought of this, and Word makes it very easy to sort your list, and automatically re-number it if necessary. In the […]

Continuing Numbered Lists

Sometimes when you are creating a list you may need to break it up with a few lines of text or maybe a graphic, but then continue the numbering from where you left off. In your document click ‘Numbering’ to start your list. Create some list items. Cancel the list and insert some standard text. […]