Category: Office 2010

Customising Numbered Lists

Just as with bullets, there are various ways that you can customise your numbering styles. With the cursor positioned somewhere in the list activate the Home tab. Click the arrow next to the Numbering button to display the menu. Select a new numbering style from the list or choose ‘Define New Number Format’ Under the […]

Creating A Numbered List

The process for creating a numbered list is exactly the same as for a bulleted list. To create your numbered list simply type in all the items you want listed, each on its own seperate line. Then, if its not already active, activate the Home tab on the ribbon. next highlight the block of text […]

Customising Bulleted Lists

The standard bullet for a list is a simple black dot, and is perfectly adequate for an understated list such as that you may use in a business document. However if you want to be a bit more creative there are a couple of ways to customise the appearance of your bullets. Put the insertion […]

Creating Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists are a great way to emphasis important information in your document, and can be used to create anything from a summary sheet to accompany a corporate presentation, right down to creating a list of things to pack for your upcoming holiday. To create your bulleted list simply type in all the items you […]

Watermarking A Word 2010 Document

In the physical real world a watermark has historically been added to paper based documents to provide a guarantee of authenticity and aid in copy prevention. This has been carried forward into the digital age, and watermarks are used for a variety of purposes, ranging from identifying ‘Draft’ documents through to the assertion of originality […]

Finding And Replacing Text In A Word Document

If you are working on a long document there will be plenty of occasions where you need to find a specific piece of text, and scrolling backwards and forwards throughout the document is usually either impractical, or unreliable. Fortunately Microsoft have included a useful search facility that also incorporates a replace option within it.   […]

Copy, Cut, and Paste Text

One of the most used features of Microsoft Word 2010 is the ability to easily copy or cut the text from one section of a document and then paste it into a different part of  the same, or even a different document. What is the difference between copying and cutting? As the name suggests, when you copy […]