Finding And Replacing Text In A Word Document

If you are working on a long document there will be plenty of occasions where you need to find a specific piece of text, and scrolling backwards and forwards throughout the document is usually either impractical, or unreliable. Fortunately Microsoft have included a useful search facility that also incorporates a replace option within it.


  1. Activate the ‘Home’ tab.Searching For Text In A Word Document
  2. Click the ‘Find’ option near the top right of the ribbon.
  3. In the text box, type in the word(s) you want to find.
  4. You will see any matches below the text box, simply click the match you need to go directly to it.






Replacing Text

If you have created a document, but then realise you have made a repetitive mistake in it, maybe you have mis-spelled a persons name, then you will find the ‘Replace’ function very useful indeed.

To access the ‘Replace’ feature

  1. Activate the ‘Home’ tab.
  2. Click the ‘Replace’ option near the top right of the ribbon.Word 2010 Replace Dialog Box
  3. In the displayed dialog type the incorrect text into the ‘Find’ box.
  4. Type the text you want it to be replaced with in the ‘Replace’ box.
  5. Now to replace the next occurrence of the text click ‘Replace’. To replace all occurrences click ‘Replace ‘All’
  6. For more options, such as those to match case, and replace formatting click the ‘More >>’ button.

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