Copy, Cut, and Paste Text

One of the most used features of Microsoft Word 2010 is the ability to easily copy or cut the text from one section of a document and then paste it into a different part of  the same, or even a different document.

What is the difference between copying and cutting?
As the name suggests, when you copy a piece of text, Word keeps the original and creates a new copy of the text in the place you specify. When you cut the text, the original text is removed from the document and a copy is inserted in the specified place. In both cases whether you use copy or cut, the text is placed on the Clipboard, and can be copied multiple times in to your desired destinations.

Before you try this we suggest you read our separate tutorial on selecting text here.

  1. Select the text that you want to copy or cut
  2. Open the ‘Home Tab’ on the ribbon
  3. Click either ‘Copy’ or ‘Cut’ depending on your needs
  4. Click the section where you want to paste the text to.
  5. Click ‘Paste’ on the Home Tab to insert your text.

Shortcut Keys
All that clicking on the tabs and button can become quite tedious if you’re doing a lot of text moving, using the shortcut keys will speed things up considerably – Use Ctrl+c to copy your text, Ctrl+x to cut your text, and Ctrl+v to paste

Alternatively once you have selected your text, right clicking the selection brings up the context menu that also has the Copy, Cut, and Paste options.