Document Zooming In Word 2010

Most of the time when working with a Word document you will have the document displayed at 100% zoom as this provides the best compromise between seeing as much of your document as possible, and not having the text too small.

However, there are quite a few occasions where you will want to alter that, maybe you want to see more of the document so you can check the general layout, or maybe you need to enlarge a part to check on some small detail – this is where zooming comes into its own.

Fortunately Microsoft Word 2010 makes document zooming very easy indeed, in fact there are actually three different ways that you zoom in and out of your document.

  1. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, simply roll the wheel forwards to zoom out, and backwards to zoom in.
  2. Open the ‘View’ tab and select the ‘Zoom’ option to open the Zoom dialogue box.Word 2010 Zoom Dialogue Box

  3. Use the Zoom scroll bar at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, simply slide it left and right to zoom in and out.Word 2010 Zoom Scroll Bar


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