Setting Up Word 2010 Autorecover

If you’ve ever been engrossed in your writing like we have, and have forgotten to save your work, only for disaster such as a computer crash or power cut to cause you to lose all your work, you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft have included a nice little ‘Autorecover’ feature in Word 2010.

This feature, once set up, will save copies of your documents at prescribed intervals, then should disaster strike you will only lose the changes you made since the last Autorecover, the steps required to implement the Autorecover feature are fairly simple:

  • Open the File tab
  • Click ‘Options’ and select ‘Save’
  • Make sure the two tick boxes for ‘Autorecover’ are selected.
  • Enter an appropriate time interval for document saves, don’t be tempted to make this too short or performance could be affected, also don’t make it too long or you will lose too much work, we recommend between 15 and 30mins for the average user.

Word 2010 Autorecover options

If you wish to specify a different location for your Autorecover information to be saved to, you can do so here although we would recommend leaving it at the default unless you have a very good reason to change it.

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