Saving Word Documents

Without a doubt, THE most important thing you need to do with your document is save it – after all, what’s the point of spending all that time creating something just to lose it?
There are two ways to save your document – save the current document with the same name, save the current document with a new name.

Save your current document with the same name
  • Open the File Tab
  • Click Save.Saving a Word Document

If your document has not yet been saved, the Windows file selector will prompt you for a file name (as shown in the option below)

Saving a copy of your document

Sometimes you will be working on a document and you want to save it but not change the original, or maybe you need to change the format so you can send it to someoneĀ  who doesn’t have Microsoft Word 2010.

  • Open the File Tab
  • Click ‘Save As’
  • Browse to the location where you want to save your document
  • Type a name for your document in the ‘File name’ text box
  • If you want to change the format of your doument click the ‘Save as type’ drop down dialog and make the appropraite selection.
  • Click ‘Save’

Microsoft Word 2010 Save As Dialog Box

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