Word 2007 and 2010 Shortcut Keys

As with the majority of all Windows based applications, the only way to efficiently work with your document is to master some of the most useful shortcut keys. Word has over 150 different, shortcut key combinations, so listing and expecting users to remember them all is impractical. However by remembering and using the most common keys listed below you will find getting around your document a breeze.

Ctrl + X – Cut the selected text to the clipboard.
Ctrl + C – Copy the selected text to the clipboard.
Ctrl + V – Paste text from the clipboard.
Ctrl + S – Save the current document.
Ctrl + P – Print the current document.
Ctrl + F – Display the ‘Find’ dialog.
Ctrl + Z – Undo the last action.
Ctrl + Y – Redo the last action.

Esc – Cancel the current action.

‘Home’ key – Move cursor to start of current line.
‘End’ key – Move cursor to end of current line.
‘Page Up’ key – Scroll document up one page.
‘Page Down’ key – Scroll document down one page.

Key Tips

Word Key Tips

Word also has a nifty little feature called ‘Key Tips’ – When you press the ‘Alt’ key small letters will be highlighted on the Ribbon, all you need to do then is select the appropriate key to activate that command. To turn off the Key Tips feature simply press the ‘Alt’ key a second time.