Creating An Email Template In Outlook 2007/2010

Note – This article refers exclusively to Outlook 2007 / 2010, if you want to create a template for Outlook 2003, please click here.

If you regularly send out emails that are the same or very similar in content, then you will almost certainly benefit from the email template feature available for Outlook that will allow you to cut down on a lot of repetitive typing, and thus save valuable time.

Note – The screen shots in this article have been taken using Outlook 2007, the screens for Outlook 2010 will be slightly different, however the steps taken are identical.

Firstly to create your email template open up Outlook and create a new blank email.

Create an Outlook 2007 Email Template

Now type in the standard text for your email, as per the example below,

Create An Email Template in Outlook 2007Next, go to the ‘File‘ menu, and select ‘Save As’

In the File Save Dialog, in the File Type dropdown select ‘Outlook Template

Create Email Template In Outlook 2007

As you will notice, we have saved our email template to the desktop, however you can save it to any location or folder of your choice.

Create Email Template In Outlook 2007

Once you have saved your email template you will see it in your chosen location, now all you need to do is double click to open it in Outlook, and make your edits before sending your email.