Recall Sent Emails In Outlook

Have you ever been in the process of writing an E-mail an accidentally clicked on the send button by mistake? Or maybe you’ve sent an E-mail, and then had second thoughts about its content, or the recipients?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could re-call your E-mail from the server or ISP so that you can change it, finish it, or just plain delete it instead.

There’s no specific feature or menu option to be able to re-call your E-mails, but with just a little work such an option can be created by using an Outlook rule. This workaround doesn’t actually re-call your E-mail, but instead delays sending it, allowing you to get it from the Outbox before it’s sent.


Click the Tools menu then Rules and Alerts then the New Rule button.

From the next screen select the radio button marked Start from a blank rule, highlight the option Check messages after sending and click Next.

In the next window select any extra conditions you want to apply, but be careful, as doing so may mean that the delay is not applied to all messages. If you want the delay applied to all messages simply click Next, and Yes to the message box.

The next screen show a list of actions to perform to the message, you will see an option ‘Defer delivery by a number of minutes’, click the check box next to this option.

In the lower window you will see the rule, part of the rule with the number of minutes will be underlined, like a weblink, click this link and enter the number of minutes to defer sending by (120 maximum), Click ‘OK’ and then ‘Next

The next screen allows you to create any exceptions that you need, but again be careful as you may stop some messages being delayed. Once you have created your exceptions (if any) click Next.

Now give your rule a meaningful name and turn the rule on, click Finish and you’re all done.