Save Windows 10 Lock Screen Pictures

If you’re a Widows 10 user then you can’t fail to have been impressed by the gorgeous pictures that are displayed in your lock screen, and are rotated at regular intervals., and if you’re anthing like us then you will have looked at a few of them and thought that you might want to use them as desktop wallpaper pictures.

Unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t provide an easy way to get hold of those pictures so that you can keep them, but never fear, someone has done all the hard work for you, and provided a small app that is available from the Microsoft Store, which will allow you to save all the pictures and use them as desktop backgrounds etc.

To get the App, open up the Microsoft Store (it will vary from user to user how you do this, but most people will have a tile on the Start Menu) and in the search box type in SpotBright.

You will be offered the SpotBright app, simply click on the ‘Install’ button and wait for the App to install.

Once the App is installed it can be accesses from the Start Menu in the normal way, where you will be presented with the screen below


The first two options are different search options to retrieve new photos, we’re not quite sure why there are two otions, but they do yield different results, so if you are looking to udate your photo database it’s worth clicking on both.

The ‘Open Download Location’ option does exactly what it says – opens a Windows Explorer window to show all the photos you have downloaded

The last ‘Settings’ option is where things get really interesting and give SpotBright it’s functionality.


Most of the options are fairly self explanatory, but we do like th eoption to have the desktop wallpaper automatically rotate at a set interval.

If you’re working on a fixed desktop type machine that only operate in landscape mode then you probably want to switch the toooption to landscape only, but it you use it on a tablet or Surface device (as we do) then having both Landscap & Portrait selected means you get a good picture no matter what your screen orientation is.

Overall we are really impressed with this little app, and if you want to get rid of the ads then £0.79 isn’t much to pay for such a useful piece of software.