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Windows 10 – God Mode

The so called Windows 10 ‘God Mode’ isn’t quite what it sounds. In many operating systems God Mode usually bestows extra features or powers on a user that aren’t available to standard or even ‘Admin’ users but with this Windows 10 tweak it’s just a way to get to settings in one easy place. In […]

Windows 10 – Connect To Wireless Network

Nearly everyone these days connects their computer (laptop or desktop) to the internet via a wireless network, especially in the home. Connecting to a wireless network is easy when you know how, but isn’t that obvious for those connecting for the first time. This rather short tutorial will show you how. Firstly make sure that your […]

Cortana – Our guide.


Overview Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant originally developed by Microsoft for Windows 8.1, but now available for a number of platforms such as Windows 10 desktop, Windows 10 mobile, Xbox One, and even iOS and Android. Cortana is currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese editions. The Cortana name is […]

Restore Internet Explorer in Windows 10

One of the first things users of Windows 10 notice is that there is no Internet Explorer in Windows 10, it has instead been replaced by a new, cleaner, and faster browser called Edge.  Whilst Edge has many advantages over Internet Explorer, there are almost certainly going to be times when you may need to […]

Change The Folder Icon In Windows 10

The overall appearance of Windows hasn’t changed too much since the days of Windows XP, but there are many different ways to customise your installation to make it unique to you, and one of these is to change the folder icon for selected folders to something unique rather than the standard yellow folder that we […]