Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Edge is a new browser that is shipping as standard with Windows 10, and whilst as the time of writing it’s still missing a few features available in its venerable cousin Internet Explorer, many people do like it’s cleaner interface and improved rendering capabilities, so it’s popularity is only going to increase.

As with all major Widows based programs there are a number of Shortcut Keys available to the user that will make life a little easier and quicker.

We have listed the one we know of below, but if you discover any we haven’t listed, please feel free to let us know so that we update our list.

Press ThisTo Do This
Ctrl + - (Minus Key)Zoom Out
Ctrl + + (Plus Key)Zoom In
Ctrl + 0Zoom to 100%
Ctrl + 1Switch to tab 1
Ctrl + 2Switch to tab 2 (If Open)
Ctrl + 3Switch to tab 3 (If Open)
Ctrl + 4Switch to tab 4 (If Open)
Ctrl + 5Switch to tab 5 (If Open)
Ctrl + 6Switch to tab 6 (If Open)
Ctrl + 7Switch to tab 7 (If Open)
Ctrl + 8Switch to tab 8 (If Open)
Ctrl + 9Switch to last open tab
Ctrl + ASelect all text & graphics on page.
Ctrl + DAdd current site to favourites or reading list
Ctrl + EOpen a search query in the address bar
Ctrl + FOpen 'Find on this page' dialog
Ctrl + GView Reading List
Ctrl + HOpen 'History' panel
Ctrl + IOpen 'Favourites' panel
Ctrl + JOpen 'Downloads' panel
Ctrl + KDuplicate the current tab in a new tab
Ctrl + LOpen the address bar
Ctrl + NOpen a new window
Ctrl + PPrint the current page
Ctrl + RRefresh the current page
Ctrl + TOpen new tab
Ctrl + WClose current tab
Ctrl + Left Mouse Click (On a link)Open link in a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse ClickOpen link in a new tab and activate the tab
Ctrl + EnterAdd www. the beginning of, and .com to the end of text in the address bar
Ctrl + TabSwitch to the next tab
Ctrl + Shift + TabSwitch to the previous tab
Ctrl + Shift + BToggle favourites bar on and off
Ctrl + Shift + KDuplicate the current tab in a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + LOpen address bar query in a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + POpen new InPrivate Browsing window.
Ctrl + Shift + RToggle Reading View on / off
Ctrl +Shift + TReopen the last tab that was closed*
Ctrl + Shift +DeleteOpen clear browsing data pane
End KeyScroll to the bottom of page
Home KeyScroll to the top of page
Esc KeyStop loading the page
F4Select the address bar
F5Refresh the current page
F7Toggle caret browsing
F12Open Developer Tools
TabMove forward through objects on the web page
Shift + TabMove backward through items on the web page
Alt + Shift + ClickOpen selected link in a new window
BackspaceGo to previously opened page
Up ArrowScroll current web page up
Down ArrowScroll current web page down
Left ArrowScroll current web page left
Right ArrowScroll current web page right
Alt + COpen Cortana
Alt + DSelect the Address Bar
Alt + JOpen 'Feedback & Reporting panel
Alt + XOpen 'Settings dialog
Alt +F4Close current active window
Alt + SpacebarOpen 'System' menu
Alt + Spacebar + CClose all browser tabs / window
Alt + Spacebar + MMove current window with arrow keys
Alt + Spacebar + NMinimise current window
Alt + Spacebar + RRestore previously minimised window
Alt + Spacebar + SResize window using the arrow keys
Alt + Spacebar + XMaximise current window
Alt + Left ArrowGo to previously opened page
Alt + Right ArrowGo to the next opened page
Win + GOpen the 'Games bar'

In addition to the above general purpose Keyboard shortcuts, there are a bunch of extra special keys that become active only when using Edge in Developer Mode, whic is accessed by pressing F12 from the main browser window.

Press ThisTo Do This
F8 (Single Press)Continue (Debugger Tab in Developer Tools)
F8 (Hold)Fast Continue (Debugger Tab in Developer Tools)
F10Step Over (Debugger Tab in Developer Tools)
F11Step Into (Debugger Tab in Developer Tools)
Shift + F11Step Out
Ctrl + BSelect element (DOM Explorer tab in F12 Developer tools)
Ctrl + EStart / Stop Profiling (Performance Tab in Developer Tools
Ctrl + KColour Picker (DOM Explorer in Developer Tools
Ctrl + SExport as HAR (Network Tab In Developer Tools) OR Export Profiling session (Performance / memoery tab in developer tools
Ctrl + Shift + EChange Exception behaviour (Debugger Tab in Developer Tools)
Ctrl + Shift + IDOM element highlighting (DOM Explorer in Developer Tools)
Ctrl + Shift + TTake a heap snapshot (Memory tab in Develepoer Tools)
Ctrl + Shift + WBreak on new worker (Debugger Tab in Developer Tools)
Ctrl + Shift + F5Continue and refresh (Debugger Tab in Developer Tools)


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