Add A File Selector Box To Your VBA Application

Before you can insert the code to call the file selector box you will need to add to your Access database the VBA module that handles some pretty low level stuff. This module has not been written by us, but has been published in the public domain by Microsoft Access MVP Ken Getz.

  • Firstly click here to download a copy of the module from our website, unzip it, and save it in an known location.
  • Once you have downloaded the module, open up your Access database and enter the VBA Editor.
  • On the left side you will see the project explorer, and a view that looks something like the picture below, right click on the ‘Modules’ folder and select ‘Import File’ (If your VBA project has no modules folder, right click on the next folder up, a modules folder will be created for you.)

Using the file selector box, navigate to the file that you just downloaded, and open it to have it automatically imported into your project.

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