Privacy Policy

At Chimpytech we don’t do any tracking or store any of your personal information.

We do however use some third parties that may drop cookies onto your computer.

The third parties we use are:

  • Statcounter – this provides us with analytics that tell how many pages were visited, the length of each visit, which countries those visits originated from and the path the visitors took through the site. None of this data can be used to identify you individually, and we only use it to improve the site.
  • Google – we use Google Analytics as this provides complimentary data to Statcounter, we also use Google Ad service to help fund the development of Chimpytech.
  • Tradedoubler – Tradedoubler is an ad agency that pay publishers when website visitors click on an ad and take certain actions. The revenue from Tradedoubler helps find the development of Chimpytech.
  • Amazon – As with Tradedoubler we run ads for Amazon to fund the site.

All of the above services may drop a cookie on your PC when you visit a page on our site. If you are concerned with the implications of these cookies, we encourage you to delete cookies when you leave us.

If you are using an Ad-Blocker to block cookies please read our statement here.