Reclaiming HD Space After Upgrading To Vista

When you upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista, you will find that a large chunk of your hard drive space has been used up as Vista stores all your old Windows files just in case you want to roll back your Windows Vista installation and return to Windows XP

Reclaiming this space is relatively easy, but is just a little more complicated than deleting the files, but if you follow the procedure below you can get all that space back

  • Click the Windows Button and select All Programs.
  • Choose the Accessories option and select System Tools.
  • Next click on Disk Cleanup and select Files from all users on this computer
  • Once Windows Vista has scanned the P.C. for files it can clean up you will be presented with a list of options, there is an option for deleting the old Windows installation, select this and run the clean up and you will get all your space back again.