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Delete Excel Worksheet

Delete Excel Worksheet

Sometimes when you are developing an Excel application you will have one or more Worksheets that you no longer need you will want to delete them. This is very easy to do: Right click on the name tab for the Worksheet you want to delete to reveal the context menu. Select ‘Delete’ from the menu […]

Hide An Excel Worksheet

If you are developing an Excel Workbook application which you will be sharing with other people, there may be times where you need to hide an Excel Worksheet. A typical example would be an application where there is some reference data in a sheet that is used by the main sheets in your application. You […]

Copying An Excel 2013 Worksheet

When you are creating a multi-sheet Excel 2013 workbook, there are often occasions where you need to make a copy of one of the Worksheets contained within the Workbook. E.g. maybe you are creating a Workbook where you have information for different people stored in individual Worksheets, but the layout of each sheet is basically […]