Tag: Word 2010 Tutorial

Sorting Lists Alphabetically

Sometimes it can be useful to have your list in alphabetical order – maybe you have a list of names, places, etc. but you haven’t entered them in alphabetical order. No problem, Microsoft have thought of this, and Word makes it very easy to sort your list, and automatically re-number it if necessary. In the […]

Continuing Numbered Lists

Sometimes when you are creating a list you may need to break it up with a few lines of text or maybe a graphic, but then continue the numbering from where you left off. In your document click ‘Numbering’ to start your list. Create some list items. Cancel the list and insert some standard text. […]

Customising Numbered Lists

Just as with bullets, there are various ways that you can customise your numbering styles. With the cursor positioned somewhere in the list activate the Home tab. Click the arrow next to the Numbering button to display the menu. Select a new numbering style from the list or choose ‘Define New Number Format’ Under the […]

Creating A Numbered List

The process for creating a numbered list is exactly the same as for a bulleted list. To create your numbered list simply type in all the items you want listed, each on its own seperate line. Then, if its not already active, activate the Home tab on the ribbon. next highlight the block of text […]

Creating Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists are a great way to emphasis important information in your document, and can be used to create anything from a summary sheet to accompany a corporate presentation, right down to creating a list of things to pack for your upcoming holiday. To create your bulleted list simply type in all the items you […]