Extend Windows 7 Activation Period

All retail copies of Microsoft Windows 7 whether purchased with a new P.C. or as a boxed product will need to activate their product within thirty days of installation or be faced with a pop up screen that reminds them to do so every hour.

Many people take advantage of this ‘feature’ to evaluate a copy of Microsoft Windows 7 for hardware and software compatibility before committing to Windows 7 and tying the installtion to that one machine permanently. Sometimes however thirty days isn’t quite enough, and users could do with more time.

There is a little known vbScript called the Software Licensing Manager included in Windows 7 that allows the user to extend the activation period to allow more testing time.

To extend your activation period:

  1. Click the Windows Orb
  2. In the Search Box type cmd
  3. Right click the ‘cmd‘ shortcut that appears and select ‘Run As Administrator‘.
  4. In the command window type in slmgr.vbs -rearm


Once the script has completed its work you will find that the activation period has now been re-set to 30 days.

Note – If you are expecting to use this trick to constantly re-arm your copy of Windows because you are using an illegal product that cannot be activated, you are wrong. There is a limit of four ‘re-arms’, so the most you can get out of an installation is 150 days (30 days for the initial installation and then four re-arms of 30 days each).