Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

One of the frustrations of owning a laptop is that of constantly having to balance battery life with computing power. In Windows Vista, Microsoft attempted to help users solve this problem by making the use of Power Plans easier, however it was still a little hit and miss.

In Windows 7 Microsoft have gone a little farther, and have developed something known as the ‘Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report’, which when used properly has the ability to help you make huge gains in terms of battery life and performance.

To create a report for your laptop:

  • Click the Windows ‘Start’ orb and type cmd into the Start Search box.
  • When the cmd icon appears, right click it and choose ‘Run as administrator’
  • You will now see a command prompt box, type in powercfg -energy and press Enter.


Windows will now scan your system and look for ways to improve power efficiency. The results and suggestions are published in an HTML file at the location specified, simply view this and take the suggested actions for immediate improvements.

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