Disable Windows 7 Aero Shake

One of the many visual enchancements and features Microsoft introduced with Windows 7 is Aero shake, which allows the user to minimise all Windows except one by grabbing the top of the window with the mouse and shaking it, thus minimising all other Windows.

Many Windows 7 users however find this an annoyance as they often accidentally minimise Windows when they don’t mean to, fortunately with a simple registry tweak it’s quite easy to disable Aero Shake.

Click the Windows orb, and in the search box type regedit.exe

From the presented results click the registry editor and navigate to the following key


Once you’re there right click on the Windows key and and create a new key called Explorer

Now right click in the blank pane on the right hand side of the screen, and create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value with the following properites

Name: NoWindowMinimizingShortcuts
Value: 1

Exit the registry editor, saving your changes, and for good measure re-boot your system to make sure the changes are applied.

If you want to re-enable Aero Shake at any time in the future, simply follow the instructions again, but delete the key you created