Change Screen Saver On Windows 7 Starter Edition

If you’ve bought a netbook since the launch of Windows 7, you may well find that it has come installed with Windows 7 Starter Edition, which whilst being able to run all the same programs as standard versions of Windows 7, does have some features missing, disabled, or just plain hidden. One of which is the ability to perform certain customisations to your set-up that are pretty standard on full versions. This is one of a series of articles designed to show you how to overcome those limitations and make your Netbook your own again

One of the first things many PC owners do to customise their machines is to change the screen saver to something a little nicer than the standard Windows screen saver, but as any Windows 7 Starter Edition user will know, right clicking on the desktop doesn’t bring up the usual option to ‘Personalise’ the Netbook, and thus it’s not possible to change the screen saver, however, with just a little extra work, it’s quite easy to change the screen saver.

The Screen Saver control panel appplet is still installed on the system, and is available to all users:

    1. Click on the Windows orb in the bottom left hand corner of the taskbar.
    2. Type ‘screensaver‘ in to the search box.
    3. Click the offered ‘Change Screen Saver‘ Option

    1. You will now be presented with the standard Screen Saver dialog box where you can set your chosen screen saver and options