Tag: Word 2010 Lists

Controlling Automatic Numbering

Numbered lists don’t actually have to be started specifically, Word has the ability to start numbering automatically if you just type 1. and hit enter. Your list will now be created in the usual manner until you cancel it. (To create an automatic bulleted list, start the first line with an asterisk) To make sure […]

Sorting Lists Alphabetically

Sometimes it can be useful to have your list in alphabetical order – maybe you have a list of names, places, etc. but you haven’t entered them in alphabetical order. No problem, Microsoft have thought of this, and Word makes it very easy to sort your list, and automatically re-number it if necessary. In the […]

Customising Bulleted Lists

The standard bullet for a list is a simple black dot, and is perfectly adequate for an understated list such as that you may use in a business document. However if you want to be a bit more creative there are a couple of ways to customise the appearance of your bullets. Put the insertion […]

Creating Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists are a great way to emphasis important information in your document, and can be used to create anything from a summary sheet to accompany a corporate presentation, right down to creating a list of things to pack for your upcoming holiday. To create your bulleted list simply type in all the items you […]