Group Windows 8 Start Screen

One of the keys to working efficiently in Windows 8 is getting your Start Screen under control and working for you. Out of the box the layout of the Start Screen isn’t much use for the average user, however with a little bit of tinkering it’s easy to get it how you want.

To start, decide on how you want to group your tiles, and drag the tiles for your first group to the right hand side of the screen where Windows will group the files together.

Once you’re happy with your arrangement use the Start Screen zoom feature (described here) to get a better view of the Start Screen, now right click the group you just created and select the ‘Name Group’ option from the bar that appears below, and name your group.


Once you have named your group and are still in zoomed mode you can drag the entire group to your desired location.

Repeat this procedure for any other groups you want to create.

Grouping Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles