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Change Windows 8 SmartScreen Settings

Change the Windows SmartScreen settings One feature that irritates many Windows users is the new SmartScreen feature which alerts users when they try to run a program, app or access a file that was downloaded from the Internet. While this type of warning can be useful, it can become tiresome after a while, fortunately it […]

Closing Windows 8 Apps

Closing ‘Apps’ (not traditional desktop applications, new Windows 8 style apps) can seem like a pain to most users, they never quite seem to go away, indeed this seems like a┬áconscious decision by Microsoft as they don’t provide a close button, and would rather have us just minimise Apps to the background where they will […]

Windows 8 Quick Access Menu

One of the most useful but little mentioned features of Windows 8 is the Quick Access menu. The Quick Access menu gives you instant access to important system management tools such as Event Viewer, Disk Management, Computer Management, Device Manager and Control Panel amongst many others. You would expect such a powerful feature to be […]

Use Windows 8 Centralised Search

The search function located on the charms bar more powerful than most people realise, and can be your friend in finding anything on your PC. When you open it up all you need to do is select which part of your system you want to search (if you want to search the whole system don’t […]

Set Windows 8 Privacy Settings

Windows 8 more than any other previous version of Windows wants to use some of your Private data to improve its user facing services – this is mostly born out of its new roots as a mobile operating system, and needing access to things like your current location as well as device usage stats.   […]

Group Windows 8 Start Screen

One of the keys to working efficiently in Windows 8 is getting your Start Screen under control and working for you. Out of the box the layout of the Start Screen isn’t much use for the average user, however with a little bit of tinkering it’s easy to get it how you want. To start, […]

Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

With Windows 8 Microsoft have given the Windows interface its biggest re-vamp since Windows XP was launched it 2001, however this has meant that many many users are now finding it a little difficult to navigate around the radical layout.   One of the side effects of this is that desktop / laptop users are […]