Category: Windows 10

Save Screenshots Automatically Into OneDrive

If like us you take a lot of screenshot then you might be interested in the ability to┬ásave screenshots automatically into OneDrive. With just a few click setting this up is a piece of cake. Before you start you will need to be connected to the Internet as the option to save screenshots automatically into […]

Delete Browsing Data – Microsoft Edge

Like most web browsers, Microsoft Edge will collect a bunch of information about your surfing habits as you wander around the internet, and whilst most if this is fairly insignificant, delete browsing data is something that some of the more privacy conscious may want to do from time to time. There are two ways to […]

Disable Flash In Microsoft Edge

One of the things included in Microsoft Edge in Adobe Flash Player, however over the last few years Flash Player has started to become a deprecated technology, and is losing ground to web standards video playing techniques. Also, it has been widely exposed as being full of security flaws, and is frequently used by many […]

What is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is the new browser first released with Windows 10, that is intended to replace the ageing and somewhat creaky Internet Explorer. According to Microsoft claims Edge is designed to be lightweight, with a new rendering engine that is built around web standards giving a much improved web viewing experience than previously seen in […]

Change Your Name In Cortana

Once you have Cortana up and running, one of the customisations you can make is to change the name by which is refers to you. By default when using Cortana it won’t refer to you by name, but with just a few clicks you can give it a name by which to call you. For […]