Windows 10 Aero Snap – Turn on and off

Aero Snap was a feature first introduced in Windows Vista, and has been refined in subsequent Windows versions. Aero Snap feature is one that many users will like as it will allow them to organise multiple Windows on screen very easily. However, as with most features, not everyone will like it. Fortunately it’s quite easy […]

Microsoft Edge – Change Download Location

By default Microsoft Edge will save any files it downloads to the location %UserProfile%/Downloads. This is usually fine for most users, and should they wish to keep the files in a different location then it’s easy enough to drag them to the appropriate place. However if you regularly download files and copy them to somewhere else then […]

Change iOS 10 Unlock Method

Change iOS 10 unlock method

What has changed in the iOS 10 Unlock procedure In its latest update Apple decided to subtly change the iOS 10 unlock sequence. For users with iOS 9 and fingerprint reader enabled devices the unlock process was simple. A single press would wake and unlock the device in one go – easy. In iOS 10, […]