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How to Clear the Windows Print Queue

Clear Windows 8 Print Queue

If you have a glitch or communication problem when sending a document to your printer then there is a good chance that the failed document will become stuck in your print queue. Turning the printer off and on again generally has no effect because your Windows system is suffering from a print spooler error. The […]

Reset Lost Windows 8 Password

There may be occasions when for whatever reason you can’t get in to your computer because you have lost the Windows 8 password, maybe you just set the machine up and miss-typed the password, or maybe it’s a rarely used machine and you’ve plain and simply forgot the password. Don’t fear though, there are a […]

Create Windows 8 Recovery Drive

If you are having trouble booting or using your PC, you may need to boot in to some sort of recovery environment to enable you to either fix the problem, or at least recover your data. Windows 8 has a handy little recovery system that can be stored on a USB stick, and will make […]

Create an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8

Many of the tips that we show you in this section will need you to use the Command Line to perform a task or series of tasks, however, the normal Command Line interface does not have full administrator privileges, so you need something known as an ‘Elevated Command Prompt’ (ECP)to undertake full system maintenance. Rather […]